My 10 Tips for Winter Skin

Winter time is crucial for skin. All that cold weather forces us to wear many layers of clothing, making our skin hard to breath and all the indoor places turns up the heat, so even when all those layers comes off, all we are left off is dried up air. That is why is important to take care of the skin inside out, especially when you have skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, eczema and so on.

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Back to the roots – My 30day water challenge

Well as for new year and as after yesterday (was my birthday) I officially finished with winter celebrations and as a gift to myself I decided to give a 30day water challenge a go. I do not want to start out a year so something uncomplicated will be the best for me.

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Psoriasis vs pimple – which one is worst?

Have you ever had a friend that complains about a little pimple that just appeared before she is about to go out? Like it is the worst thing that can happen and how unbearable it is? She even thinks that her evening is ruined and she should just stay at home because this red spot on her face will affect her mood through all her evening.

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History of treatments and why I said no to topical steroids (Part I)

Before I start my plan of the year for treatments I wanted to write about things I tried in the past and some of those were more successful some of those less. I wanted to cover my treatments between age 15 and 20 and mostly focus on my first treatment.

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Matching my spots

Yesterday as I was checking what to wear for new years eve (I was informed by my mom that this new years we should wear something white…don’t know where this information coming from tho).  I decided to try on putting my never worn top on and well I guess the reason that I have never wore it is because it has a little bigger cleavage than I normally would wear… but the top was so nice that I just purchased it (like a year ago…). Anyway as it is going to be just me and my bf, I figured that it’s now or never. Continue reading “Matching my spots”

Ode to Coconut Oil

It has been quite some time that I do not use any creams or locations that you can buy in stores and pharmacies… one of the reasons is that while they claim to be so great for your skin the writing on the label “For external use ONLY” creeps me out. If your internal organs cannot handle it, why your skin would be able to? Continue reading “Ode to Coconut Oil”